July 3, 2015 · 8:00pm


Meg and the Right Sound


“Meg’s soulful voice leads her band to the right sound”, according to the Lititz Record, which is appropriate, considering the bands name, Meg and the Right Sound–or #MRS for short.

#MRS blends powerful vocals with an eclectic mix of music genres. A dash of soul, a dribble of indie folk, and the occasional burp of POP makes them a must see!

When all of the Right Sound’s powers are combined, they are made up of Meg McDermott belting lead vocals, Jason Sherman wailing on guitar and backing vocals, Chris Jakubowicz slappin’ and tappin’ his bass and Jeremy Bentley punishing the drums!

Meg McDermott has been singing and performing over the years for such live acts as For the Birds, Silver City Rodeo and Mark DeRose and the Dreadnought Brigade. Her powerful diva stylings lead the Right Sound. Meg cities such influences as Karen O, Billie Holiday and Sylvan Esso. Jason Sherman complements Meg’s vocals with his own, cold-filtered through his impressive mustache, while simultaneously rocking electric guitar and flannel shirts. He has done so admirably since before the first telltale hair sprung from his upper lip, gracing such musical endeavors as Tyler Speaks for Me and The French Revolution. Jason’s favorite artists include Murder by Death and Cursive. Chris Jakubowicz coaxes magic from his nimble fingers, channeling the spirit of the Low End through his 6-stringed MTD electric bass. When not rocking out to Snarky Puppy and James Jamerson in his Prius, Chris warmly recalls his mystic birth to the Realm of Music in 1990, and thanks the bass gods for the power to rock ever since. Chris has played in bands such as The Secrecy, The Michael Ferrari and The French Revolution. Jeremy Bentley’s beard has been crashing cymbals and smashing snare drums since its senior year in high school. It was inspired by other musical beards such as Sunny Day Beard Estate and The National Beard, and Beard. The famed beard has toured and played with Movies with Heroes and rocked with some of its current bandmates in other gigs, namely The French Revolution. Jeremy has followed his beard willingly through the years, and has joyed in the musical benefits it has provided him.

“When we started this project, we were tired of the typical bar-band-music-scene. So we decided that when we aren’t playing our originals, we are playing music that we like, and not what’s expected.”

#MRS is currently working towards their first EP! They have been writing and experimenting with their sound, and are hopeful to start recording soon.

Check out #MRS for awesome music and a bit o’entertainment today!


Sympathy & the Lion

sympath and the lion

Lancaster’s Sympathy & the Lion is making waves as an acoustic guitar/cello duo. Recently lauded by WXPN’s “The Key,” this alternative folk band was recently chosen by WXPN’s Helen Leicht as the XPN Voices for the Spring 2015 issues of Fig Lancaster Magazine.

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Slimfit (Acoustic)


This rare acoustic performance by Joey and Pat will feature Slimfit’s energetic blend of face-slappin’ rock-n-country-roll. 2 men enter, 1 man leaves. Delight at this acoustic battle that will be sure to simultaneously invoke joy and tears, as Pat and Joey vie for existence on Tellus360’s Temple stage. Arrive early to cheer for your favored combatant, while enjoying the music resulting from this epic clash!

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