October 10, 2014 · 8:00pm

8pm music
$5 cover

Lancaster’s Medusa’s Disco (formerly SEEDS) bring the psychedelia full tilt, along with The Stonewall Vessels.

Medusa’s Disco

medusa's disco


Medusa’s Disco, formerly known as SEEDS, is a psychedelic alternative rock band that has been steadily building a captive audience in central PA. Since forming two years ago, the four members have grown together to cross germinate complimentary genres in order to create a style they can call their own.

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The Stonewall Vessels


stonewall vessels

Stonewall Vessels will set the tone for the evening with their earnest indie-rock that recalls a time when “indie-rock” actually described a genre of music as opposed to a broad swath of barely connected strands. Their slightly intoxicated rhythms and spacey guitars hearken back to college radio circa 1994, to artists like Sebadoh, Modest Mouse, and Built to Spill who willfully defied the slickness of that era’s pop music. Well there is still plenty of insincere slickness to defy, so welcome the Stonewall Vessels to the stage.” – The Mosaic Project

“The Stonewall Vessels were the last non-repeat set of the night (check out how they did the lineup below), and they did not waste anytime getting down to showcasing their crazed grunge rock n’ roll. Vocalist and frontman Darrion Washington is absolutely in the moment when he performs, he ended up being so frenzied that he broke his glasses and a mic stand within the first song or two. The rest of the band was equally as into the set, screaming along and thrashing about on stage. The set ended with both guitarists absolutely punching their numerous effects and pedals to end the set in a noisy static. You can check out some music from The Stonewall Vessels on bandcamp, but it does not do their live show justice whatsoever.” -RockOnPhilly.com

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