August 27, 2016 · 9:00pm

$5 cover

Lancaster’s Medusa’s Disco debut their new 6 track acoustic EP “Fruit from a Timeless Planet” CD.

They are joined by openers The Snails and Hilltop Gamblers.

Medusa’s Disco

Medusa’s Disco, is a psychedelic alternative rock band from Lancaster, PA. Born of shared influences and a history of collaboration, musicians Wynton, Alex, Tyler, and Hunter of Medusa’s Disco create a sound that is equal parts hard hitting indie rock and gritty psychedelia with some folk influences to keep things interesting. Excellent riffs and guitar leads are abundant and a tight rhythmic backline provides an upbeat blues feel.

Formed in summer 2012, Medusa’s Disco has released two studio albums, Questioned By A Ghost (2013) & Forked Tongued Fables (2014), and some live material from the Max J Variety Show. Medusa’s Disco is ready to get their new 6 track acoustic EP “Fruit from a Timeless Planet” into your hands!

Hilltop Gamblers will be helping fill out the night with their inspirational sound waves along with the philly rock reggae sensation, The Snails.

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 The Snails

The Snails are an eclectic act whose work, though identifiable with definite genres, defies generalization. Having spent previous years exploring and writing in the style of mid-century Jamaican music (ska, rocksteady, reggae) the group now brings influences as various and distant from each other as American garage rock and rhythm ‘n’ blues to the forefront of their original sound. Their songs are lyrically poignant (“poetry dressed with tune”), their rhythms aggressive, and their performance electrifying. Catch the beat, and you’ll never be able to put it down.

The Snails are fronted by Todd Fausnacht on guitar and lead vocals, with Ben Parry on bass, Tim Hildebrand on guitar, Josh Parry on drums, and Matt MacLeod on organ.

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Hilltop Gamblers

Hilltop Gamblers

Folk Blues Music made by real people with real instruments.

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