December 23, 2014 · 8:00pm

$5 cover

It’s a Christmas celebration with Yukon Cornelius & The Bumbles! A portion of the benefits from this show will benefit  A Week Away, the organization founded by Caleb Walker.

Yukon Cornelius & the Bumbles

yukon cornelius


Aside from being the brains behind Rootenanny, Mark DeRose is one heckuva songwriter. A Central PA veteran, Mark’s patented “feel good” music doubles as “sounds good” music. And although we apologize for the terrible attempt at being witty there, we absolutely mean it. When the Dreadnought Brigade comes to town, you can expect a great night of music.

The show will include a set of music from Mark and his band, as well as a full set of Christmas and holiday music from Yukon Cornelius & the Bumbles!

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