August 12, 2018 · 3:00pm

Click here to downlaod the sing-a-long sheet!

Meet at Penn Square for a show of solidarity with all our neighbors and newcomers… then, ‘March for Humanity’ to Tellus360, for the 4th ‘Concert for Refugees’.


3pm – ‘March for Humanity’ begins at the square with a call to action, musical performances, and a ‘sing-a-long’. After a mayoral proclamation, members of ‘Big Boy Brass’ will lead the crowd to Tellus360 to begin the ‘Concert For Refugees’.

4pm – Tellus360’s front room will be set up with educational stations including; Voter Registration, Peace Action Network, CWS, and other community organizations. The stage will feature local leaders/speakers, and acoustic performances from Liz Fulmer, Matt Wenger & Jeff Bragg, and others.

5pm – The All-Star Concert will begin in Tellus’ back room/Temple. Featuring a collective group of Lancaster City musicians, performing together as one, community collective band:

– Corty Byron
– Leo DiSanto
– Andy Mowatt
– Tuck Ryan
– Bob Esbenshade
– Matt Johnson
– Scott Frenchek
– Tommy Leanza
– Lauren Hertz
– Gary Miller
– Matt Underhill
– Pete DeVitry
– Paul Berry
– Michael Burton
– James Lipka
– Matt Woodson
– Melissa Leanza


Throughout the past year, an increase in hurtful rhetoric and policies have targeted communities of refugees, immigrants, asylum-seekers, and DREAMers. Today, migrant children are being separated from their parents at the border, DREAMers are facing increasing uncertainty of their futures in the U.S., refugees are unable to build new lives as arrivals are at an all-time low, and immigrants are facing increased prejudices.

We cannot be fatigued by the enormity of today’s concerns. These issues speak to the basic humanity and dignity of our neighbors both here in Lancaster and across the globe. We know that you, the community of Lancaster, work towards welcome and support of newcomers. You are an example to our nation.

Join us, in Penn Square, Lancaster, PA on August 12th beginning at 3pm. We will stand united to call for change. Change resulting with families reunited at our border, DREAMers having a clean pathway to citizenship, refugees being able to arrive to the welcome we are ready to give, and immigrants of all nationalities receiving a warm welcome and acknowledgement of the value they bring to us. Let us unite as one in humanity to make these changes a reality.

CWS Lancaster asks you to join in our work towards equality and welcome. This event would not be possible without our incredible partners: Tellus360 and Corty Byron.
March for Humanity will be family friendly! August 12th has been designated by the United Nations as International Youth Day. The 2018 theme for IYD is ‘Safe Spaces for Youth,’ which aligns with the change in rhetoric and policies which we are calling for.
$10 suggested donation at the door. Proceeds raised will continue the important work of CWS/Lancaster’s Immigration Legal Services program and additional support service offered to refugees and immigrants served through CWS.

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