June 23, 2018 · 6:30pm

6:30, The Temple
Tickets: $15

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Orfeo fights for the immortal soul of her lover, Eurydice, in this multi discipline production of opera’s progenitor “L’ORFEO.” Balance is an intersection where the differences of two opposing forces phase out. In this exploration and expression of balance, The Circus School of Lancaster intersects with dancers of Ballet, non-classical musicians intersect with classical ones, sound and movement intersect with drama, life intersects with death. Can Orfeo balance at the intersection point or must she juggle all of the opposing forces for her love?

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The Circus School of Lancaster is a space for the circus arts to thrive and a place for you to experience community that celebrates diversity. Come play with us!

Imaginary Landscapes is a platform for showcasing experiments, a sort of relaxed theatre, informal, but approached with acuity. We aim to incorporate elements of sound, film, [spoken] word and movement and are looking forward to approaching and presenting a classical art form from a new angle.