March 31, 2012 · 9:00am

Live Green are hosting a compost workshop which features park naturalist and compost expert Lisa Sanchez who will teach the basics of composting. ComposTumbler a Lancaster owned business will also be on hand to demonstrate the set-up of this easy to use convenient product. The workshop is only $150 which includes a ComposTumbler normally priced at $240!

The backyard ComposTumbler Makes Compost in 4-6 Weeks! If you have a city property or a very small yard, this little composter was designed just for you. The frame includes two wheels so you can take the compost right to your flower beds and garden areas. You can add to it each day for continuous composting.

There are many benefits of composting yard and food such as:

• Reduce waste sent to landfill.
• Reuse organic materials.
• Recycle natural nutrients.
• Improve soil without chemicals.
• Produce rich humus for plants.
• Save money on chemical fertilizers.
• Reduce clogging of sewage systems
LIVE Green Purpose statement:
Building stronger and healthier communities
through environmental projects.

For more information or to reserve your spot, please contact: