August 13, 2015 · 8:00pm


Lines in the Sky

lines in the sky


Lines In the Sky is a progressive/ambient rock band in the final stages of recording their upcoming album “Parallel Travel”, which will reunite the band with mixing legend Tim Palmer, who also mixed LITS’ 2014 album “Hilasterion”. Regional and national touring is about to kick back in for the band, as well, with performances already in the works for the southeast, northeast, and northwest. More details soon!

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The Separators

the seps donal

The Separators are an alternative rock band, bringing a progressive sound to classic rock style. Featuring brothers Alex Abel (Guitar), Matt Abel (Drums), and front man Colin Deery (Vocals, Bass), The Separators spent late nights and long weekends building a bandmate bond, while honing their distinct artistic style. With their debut, independent EP “Sixes & Sevens,” The Separators revealed an intriguing combination of original vocals, dynamic melodies, and a captivating beat. The Separators evolving sound keeps their fans eagerly listening for what’s next.

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Early Life Forms



The Early Life Forms are lo fi dream rock/blackhole soundscapes from Lancaster.

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Whats Her Face

whats her face

Whats Her Face is Instrumental Synth Prog Rock from Lancaster

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