September 13, 2014 · 6:00pm

No cover

An evening of wonderful indie-folk from the Michigan duo Less is More.

Less is More


less is more

After meeting in a college a cappella group then going on to perform indie and folk covers with the band Me and My Friends, Jane Finkel and Brian Spencer of the Michigan based band, Less is More, have been writing and performing their original folk alternative tunes for two years now. “We’ve really enjoyed our writing process so far,” Jane said only months away from recording their first album, Amid the Flowers, and that fact is apparent in this diverse collection of songs with their lyrics and guitar riffs seeming to just flow out of them naturally with a creativity that is unharnessed and with their ideas fully explored.

Brian Spencer picked up a guitar for the first time three years ago and taught himself to play spurred solely by his own tireless ambition and desire to learn the instrument. That kind of determination has followed him throughout his life often juggling several sports with choir and academics since childhood. Many academic and football honors later and halfway through college, Brian made the pivotal choice to switch his major from athletic directing to anything to do with the music industry and followed up with a graduate program studying sound engineering at the Dark Horse Institute in Franklin, TN. He has since conducted the business for Less is More with that same tenacity, juggling planning the Time Isn’t Money Tour, money management, and publicity with song-writing and rehearsing. Brian’s catchy guitar melodies and masculine vocals found their compliment with his friend, band mate, business partner, and significant other Jane Finkel.

Jane had an interest in music and all things creative since early childhood. She grew up on an island in Northern Michigan that is typically thought of as a place to visit, not to live, with the only modes of transport being bike and horse-drawn carriage. “Think of it as me saying, ‘I grew up in Disneyland,’” is how Finkel often describes it and this fact of her life has been a key influence on who she has become as a person and as an artist. In the absence of shopping malls, cars, and fast food a pure and buoyant spirit was cultivated unpolluted by cynicism and greed. It is no surprise that the work that Jane produces is entirely her own whether it be a drawing, a photograph, or a piece of music. Jane creates all of the album and T-shirt designs herself, always with a clear, beautiful vision for how she wants Less is More to be experienced. The enchanting way she sees the world is matched and delivered by her subtle, ethereal vocals and instrument of choice, the ukulele. Next to Brian, the two concisely achieve a well-rounded, distinctive sound.

Together in 2013 Jane and Brian co-founded Mountain Sound LLC and the album release party for Amid the Flowers is scheduled for August 22, 2014 at the Pink Pony in Mackinac Island, which will be followed by the nationwide Time Isn’t Money Tour in September.