January 31, 2015 · 6:30pm

$5 cover



“Something To Crow About” heralds the return of the Crows to Lancaster PA each winter. It is comprised of arts, education, and community tie-ins with “Crows” as the theme. It takes place in Lancaster Jan and Feb 2015. The black bird-themed gala includes live entertainment, crow trivia, mask judging, and more. Masks optional, but more fun if you wear one!

Gleasons Drift


Just as The Replacements will be forever linked to Minneapolis or The Meat Puppets to the Southwest Desert, Gleasons Drift is intrinsically defined by a small-town, rough-hewn aesthetic filtered through a transistor radio channeling 1970s rock from an all-night far-off Philadelphia radio station. Their love of unblemished bar-band optimism smashed headlong into twelve-bar blues and country feels right at home next to coal region Pennsylvania’s best-known exports – beer, pierogies, polkas and boilo.



Shane Speal’s Snake Oil Band


“King of the Cigar-Box Guitar” Shane Speal and the Snake Oil Band take the stage for Lancaster’s 1st Annual Blackbird Ball & Masquerade. Nominated for a “Best in Crow” award, Shane’s tireless work promoting the cigar-box guitar is second only to his outrageous live medicine show. Guaranteed to ale what cures ya!


Camela Widad


Camela Widad is an Americana Folk troubadour – part poetess, part mystic, with a voice like honey and fire. The Harrisburg native brings to mind such greats as Patty Griffin, Bonnie Raitt, and Patty Larkin. Songwriting that delves straight to the core: beauty, heartbreak, truth, and timeless wisdom. Camela performs with bassist Michael Giblin and gits the party started.