July 6, 2012 · 5:30pm

Come on in LYP’s and NETWORK THE CRAP out of it! We’re ready for ya!

For those of you who are unfamiliar with LYP, they support and connect Lancaster County’s talented young workforce by providing individual enhancement opportunities, community enrichment activities and a channel for members to become involved and invested in Lancaster County.

Core Values:

Serve The Community

The only way to sustain Lancaster County is to create a lasting desire for that sustainment. Lancaster Young Professionals pledges to serve Lancaster County whenever possible through volunteer activities and charitable partnerships. These community service efforts will vest the membership of Lancaster Young Professionals in Lancaster County and serve to strengthen the bonds of our community.

Strengthen The Individual

A community is only as strong as its weakest individual. Lancaster Young Professionals strives to enhance the individuals within its membership by providing networking opportunities and professional advancement. This strengthening of the individual will be a lasting asset to not only the member, but to the Lancaster County community.

Enhance Lancaster County

Lancaster Young Professionals is committed to the improvement of both the City of Lancaster and the surrounding county at large. We believe in the advancement of Lancaster County and its economic development. Lancaster Young Professionals will strive to promote and enrich the businesses and individuals within Lancaster County in an effort to create lasting connections between our membership and the community.