Lancaster Story Grand Slam


What’s your story? Tell your epic story or cheer on the storytellers at this monthly storytelling competition, held on the fourth Tuesday of the month.
Storytellers compete by telling their true five minute story based on the night’s theme and are judged on content and presentation. No notes, no props, and no music allowed. Those who want to tell a story sign up upon arrival and names are drawn out of a hat.

In November, the winning storytellers from the season return to compete in the Lancaster Story Slam Grand Slam. You can read more about the rules, read about the first season, and watch videos of storytellers at lancasterstoryslam.com.

Here is our 2015 Lancaster Story Slam Grand Champion Cliff Lewis with his winning story!

2016 Dates and Themes:

January 26 – Resolutions

February 23 – Social Media

March 22 – Caught

April 26 – Respect

May 24 – Brush with Fame

June 28 – Foreign Soil

July 26 – Career Opportunities

August 23 – Panic Switch

September 27 – Chaos

October 25 – Trick or Treat

November 22 (Grand Slam 2016)

What is Story Slam?

A Story Slam is an event where anyone can take the stage and tell a story! The story should be loosely based on the theme of the night, be approximately five minutes long, and be true as you remember it! Three judges are chosen from the audience and each storyteller is given scores based on content and presentation. We don’t take the competition part too seriously, it’s all about sharing diverse stories.

Story Slams are held all over the world, mainly in cities such as New York, London, Brisbane, Philadelphia, Scranton, Baltimore, Washington DC, and even West Chester, PA.