May 4, 2016 · 8:00pm


Kate Faust

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Kate Faust is, in her own words, “soulful, playful, and not for the faint of heart.” One listen to her dynamic vocals and confessional-style writing confirms this declaration. Creating and digitizing her own beats, the Philadelphia-based pop artist seamlessly pronounces the message of eroticism, embracing strength and femininity throughout each self-curated track.

In 2014, Faust released her first EP, Crucial Companion, under Soulspazm. Kate’s second EP, Eros, released May 2015, takes guidance from Audre Lord’s essay, “The Uses of the Erotic.”  

This spring, Faust’s new EP titled, Capsizing, dives deeper into vast oceans of human experience through the lens of love and empowerment. Lush, magical dance beats like , “Your Body,” roll into trance-like meditations in tracks like “Beyond Desire,” and the EP’s title track, “Capsizing.”  With a growing richness and refreshing message, Faust will be touring this spring and summer performing for enthusiastic fans everywhere, from intimate venues to large public spaces

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Ton-Taun is a Lancaster-based band whose members include Jordan Capizzi (vocals), Doug Hynes (guitar), Aaron Binder (guitar), Rob Nye (bass), Sean Burke (drums), Katie Seifarth, and John Spurlock (keys). The band is just as interested in creating noisy, ambient textures as it is in crafting tight, hook-driven pop songs, and executes both with an energy that is uniquely theirs.

Over the six years that the band has existed, Ton-Taun has shared stages with Built to Spill, Clap Your Hands Say Yeah, Kopecky, Why?, Future Islands, No Age, Ra Ra Riot, Lavender Diamond, and Buke and Gase.

Ton-Taun has self released four albums, the most recent of which being 2015’s, ‘You’re Not Doing it Right.’ While Ton-Taun’s studio work has been praised for its densely layered arrangements, fans of the band will tell you that from the stage is where Ton-Taun shines brightest.

Laura Luce


This local singer/songwriter has played with a number of local bands, and also mesmerizes with her solo act. Her beautiful voice will be candy to your ears!

DJ Salinger


DJ Salinger joins us to spin the tunes to end the night. He’ll be spinning a mix of recent, classic and danceable indie, punk, post punk, new wave, synth-pop, electro clash, etc. Come dance the night away!