December 23, 2015 · 7:00pm

$5 cover

Possum Squad

possum squad


Possum Squad is an amalgamation of youthful energy and older wisdom. These Lancastrians play a wide variety of predominately original material made to induce swaying of the hips, waving of the arms, and general dance behavior. They do this with electric guitars, cello, upright bass, and a thick rhythm section. Get excited for powerhouse vocals from Phoebe Radcliffe, unbeatable vibrato and tone from Emma Rast, cool and even bass lines from Luke Harnish, sage-like beats from Tommy Leanza (Wild Hymns and Inca Campers), and some raw, shredding guitar work from Jordan Rast (Second Hand Suits). They come together under the veil of the possum, the elusive source of inspiration to us all.

Blood Fire

 2015-11-10 20.07.36 (1)
Our very own Blood Fire featuring our man Rasta!