July 8, 2016 · 10:00pm

$5 cover

Journey through an EDM evolution!


Irwin has been in the electronic music scene for over 15 years offering the masses electronic love through his distinct underground deep tech sounds, subtle sexy grunge, progressive melodies, and moving bass lines. His elegant compositions have been heard from Boston to Palm Springs, Toronto all the way to Uruguay.

Irwin has spanned the gamut when it comes to playing inside and out during his travels, whether it’s an after-hours clubs, on a yacht, 10,000ft. atop the beautiful Rocky Mountains of Colorado, or impromptu downtown park events, Irwin’s dynamic nature behind the decks always seems to delight and unite the people for hours on end.

Philosophically, Irwin always arrives with the intention to uplift. He believes in the healing nature and connection of dancing and sees himself as merely the vehicle through which these things unify – It’s no surprise then to see him throwing down four or more hour long sets. When the journey is the goal, there is no end, only evolution.