$7 / class registration required (see below)
$5 per class for any 4 or more classes

Before there was Michael Flatley and Riverdance, there were the good ol’ days of Irish dancing. Picture a quaint barn floor covered in hay with the town band playing away as the community came together for some fun. Irish set dancing features a group of dancers huddled arm-in-arm and hand-in-hand (think: Irish square dancing). Our classes are your chance to hit the dance floor for an authentic Irish cultural experience like none other! Come as a single (we’ll find a partner for you!), as a couple, or as a complete group of eight! Dress in clothes you are comfortable moving around in … and for the love of St. Patrick wear some shoes!! (Flip flops and sandals are not your friends here!)

Cost: $7/class or $5 per class for any 4 or more classes

Classes: 5 – 7 p.m.


Classes will be held on Sept 7, 28; October 5, 19, 26; November 9, 30; and, December 7, 21. 

Contact instructor Joan Benjamin at (717) 283-0392 or email joanben256@yahoo.com to register for a class (required) or ask any questions.