October 6, 2012

The Tabletop Sessions in full swing

We proudly welcome INNY, IN Philadelphia and INDC for a mad few days of enjoying all the fantastic things that Lancaster has to offer. The itinerary will be as follows:

Friday the 5th of October: Welcome all early arrivals to Lancaster’s First Friday. All of the galleries and stores intown open, live music throughout, tons of life, usually upward of 15,000 people in town for the night.

Saturday the 6th of October:

9:30 am Yoga on Tellus360’s roof, stretch out the aches and pains from driving in, shake out the cobwebs from a few to many pints the night before. Beginners and experts like John Murphy are all welcome. $8.00

10:30am a trip to and tour of if you like market. Voted one of the top ten markets in the world (we are number 7, should be number one) If Yoga hasn’t cleared the head, all the wonderfully locally grown food surely will. I strongly recommend the smooties and the The Goodie shop.

1:00pm The IN Ryder Cup. Teams will be formed from the differeent networks to compete for the big prize. IN Lancaster will be entering a team here as well and we are feeling very good about our chances, home turf, friendly adjudicating, Bring it on.

1:00pm For those who choose not to golf. This is weekend is also art walk, all galleries will be open and having art events where you can find that untapped brilliance that we all know you posess, there are over 50 art galleries in downtown Lancaster. Also if there is demand we will set up Amish tours.

6:00pm Awards bbque in Tellus360 on the green roof. This is where the tall stories can start, probably wont finish. Beer and wine will be provided.

8:00pm The Tabletop Sessions!!! A brilliant community night, two bands, everyone from the area brings a dish to share and a sixpack to share, we have a few beers and enjoy some great music among friends. All musical are encouraged to bring instruments as this night has a bit of a tendency to turn into a true Irish session.

Sunday the 7th of October: With heads wrapped in a sling we send you on your merry way.

New friends will be met, old friendships will be rekindled and we will proudly show you around our town. We believe it is one of the great ones.