December 22, 2014 · 7:00pm


Irish Blessing

irish blessing


Irish Blessing, the acclaimed York, Pennsylvania-based family band, intensely and unapologetically carries on the purest forms of traditional Irish music and dance.

Jonathon Srour  is a four-time tour member of Michael Flatley’s LORD OF THE DANCE, traveling and performing from Galway to Jerusalem. Ranked #5 in the world in 2005 for Irish dance, Jonathon is also a current performer in the mixed-genre group HAMMERSTEP out of New York City who were recently favorites on America’s Got Talent. He has also graced the stage in other touring dance shows such as MAGIC OF THE DANCE, FEET OF FLAMES, and as a cast member in RIVERDANCE. Jonathon has also qualified two times to compete in the All-Ireland Championships of Irish music, having won the Fleadh Ceol in New Jersey and is a three-time Senior Belt holder of North America, making him America’s premier competitive Irish dancer. He brings power and electricity to the stage with his dance, and adds soaring melodies to the show with his flute.

Josh Srour has the rare and dual distinction of having competed in the world championships for both music and dance. Having qualified at the New Jersey Fleadh Ceol twice, Josh has established himself as one of America’s most promising young fiddle players. He has been known to share the stage with greats such as Brian Conway, Billy McComiskey, Brendan Dolan, Isaac Alderson, and Sean Earnest. Josh has competed at the regional, national, and world championship level in Irish dance and has twice been on the faculty of the Westchester Irish Arts Weekend, teaching dance classes. He’s known for his “flying feet” on the dance floor and his exhilarating fiddle that gets toes a-tapping for spirited jigs and reels.

Cushla Srour hails from New Zealand with Irish roots, and provides strong rhythmic accompaniment on the piano and lilting phrases on the whistle and flute. Having recently been selected as a Deputy Marshal in the Baltimore St. Patrick’s Day parade for Irish Charities of Maryland, Cushla is well-known for her involvement in promoting Irish music and culture throughout the Pennsylvania and greater Maryland areas. She has emceed for many events and shows, including a Celtic Christmas concert at the Kennedy Center in Washington D.C. in December, 2013. She is most recognized as the emcee for the Penmar Irish Festival and the annual Maryland Irish Festival and also heads its renowned music competition. Cushla is instrumental in booking, hosting, and promoting some of the most influential and prolific artists to have arisen from this tradition. Having also qualified for world championships at the Fleadh Ceol, Cushla finds equal enjoyment in playing and promoting traditional Irish music and dance.

Jim Srour began his traditional Irish drumming career at the Catskills Irish Arts Week with instruction from bodhran player and music historian, Myron Bretoltz. Finding interest in his wife Cushla’s passion for Irish culture, Jim picked up the traditional style of percussion quickly and has been playing with Irish Blessing ever since. A doctor by day, Jim expresses his artistic side on stage with his driving rhythms and bittersweet low whistle harmonies. Jim is also an avid skier and farm boy.