December 22, 2017 · 8:00pm

Ireland Trip Info Sesh #2 with Mairtin Lally

What’s the craic?

So what is this trip?

Well, this trip is the next episode in what has been a very interesting and fun series of annual expeditions to Ireland from Tellus360. Although the annual trip is open to everyone and anyone who wants to join in, nearly everyone who has been on the trip has had one thing in common – Tellus360! Between locals, regular to the store / bar, musicians, staff and just friends from around Lancaster we’ve managed to pull together groups of between 18 and 26 lunatics to come across the pond to explore the Emerald Isle at least once a year.

Let 2018 be the year that you come with us to and have the experience of a lifetime!

For most of you this trip will be the first, and perhaps the only, time that you will visit Ireland. We know it’s kind of a big deal, and we want it to be as memorable and enjoyable as we can possibly make it. For this reason, we will be hosting a few information evenings at Tellus360 where we can meet face-to-face to tell you a bit more about the trip, to answer your questions in person and to see if it’s for you.

Mairtin Lally will be back in Lancaster for Christmas, so will be hosting it in person.

Interested in reading more on the trip? Click here for the full itinerary!

Ireland Trip, May 2018 Information Night # 2

Date: Friday Dec. 22nd 2017

Time: 8pm

Location: Upstairs Lounge @ Tellus360