September 9, 2019 · 7:00pm

Have you heard about the Tellus360 Ireland Trips?

In short, they’re legendary tours of Ireland which last for 9 Days. The trips originated in the early days of Tellus360 when Joe and Mairtin used to pop home to visit friends and family. So one year they opened the invite to anyone to join the trip home, and so the Tellus360 Ireland Trips were born!

They’ve been happening for donkeys years and they’ve built up quite the reputation. The next Trip to Ireland will be in May of 2020 (CLICK HERE FOR EVENT PAGE)

Whats the Info Session?

Mairtin Lally has since moved home to Ireland, but will be in Lancaster with his fiancé (from Lancaster) for a few days. During his few days in the US he’s going to stop in and tell you all a bit more about the trips, and to extend the invite to see if you’d like  to make a short presentation on the trips planned for 2020 and to help you figure out if this is something that you might be intersted in joining! Expect a short presentation and a Q&A.

Following the Info Session Mairtin will also be hosting a “Alumoholics Annonymous” shindig at Tellus. These are gatherings where folks from previous Tellus360 Ireland Trips come back to catch up with folks they’ve been to Ireland with and to have a couple beers on a Monday!



Ireland Trip Dates – May 16-24, 2020

Full Tour Itinerary – CLICK HERE

Info Session – Monday, Sept 9 @ 7:00pm

Where – Tellus360, 24 East King St., Lancaster, PA 17602


If you cannot make it down..

…but are still interested in hearing more about the trips, get in touch with Mairtin ( and he will work with you on figuring out if this is right the right trip for you. He’d love to hear from you!