July 14, 2015 · 9:00pm


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I Draw Slow

I draw Slow

I Draw Slow is a five-piece folk country band from Dublin, Ireland. Following the release of their debut album, Redhills (2011), I Draw Slow began gigging and building a loyal and enthusiastic following in Ireland. They have received praise and acclaim from the Irish music press, both from specialised folk publications and mainstream media.

Their latest recording, White Wave Chapel (2014) is their third studio album. Their live show is an arresting confection of old time Americana, bluegrass and Irish traditional music that swings from melancholia to joy and is always framed within tightly written songs and skilled performances.


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Locust Honey String Band


Locust Honey String Band 3

Locust Honey String Band  is a folk band that draws on Old-Time, Bluegrass, early Blues, and tunes of the American Southeast. With a rotating instrumentation of fiddles, open-back and resonator banjos, acoustic and resonator guitars and upright bass, they set an emphasis on lively arrangements that showcase their three-part vocal harmonies.