July 23, 2016 · 8:00pm


Hiding Scarlet

This five piece band from Lancaster, PA has been creating music and art, as well as touring the east coast for 3 years, and is gearing up to release a new album in the Fall of 2016.

Hiding Scarlet has honed their sound and skills for some time now, recently finding their full stride and true sound. with an eclectic background this five piece delivers an auditory packed punch of ear worthy grooves, tasty guitar licks, and a melodic contour completely unique to the band.

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Return to the Sky

Appreciation of “Return to the Sky” who performed “The Ever Bending Light” for the film “The Forth Phase” from Red Bull Media House & Brain Farm Cinema.

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Think of Brian Wilson having a beer spiked with Weezer, Wilco, U2 and Arcade Fire. Hailing from Lancaster, Pennsylvania, this is what STEREOMA (pronounced “stair-ee-OH-ma”) offers. Founding band member Nick Curran (vocals, guitar, synth, and songwriter) has been performing with Brad Topping (guitar, synth) since childhood, and most recently with friends Josh Wood (bass) and Caleb Lewis (drums). As founding members of bands like Selah.Selah and Missing Pilots, they have shared the stage with such acts as Titus Andronicus, Deer Hunter, don caballero – just to name a few. STEREOMA’s music covers an array of subjects like self doubt, heartbreak, disappointments and love.

Their debut EP “I Will Be Your Friend” was released on June 24, 2014 and it features songs that are unafraid to be pop yet unrepentantly rock. The “I Will Be Your Friend” EP made it to the top 20 lists of several radio stations in the US – including CMJ stations – and has maintained a strong online presence among local and international internet radio stations. Their second EP “Psych Pop” was released during the holiday season of 2014 in a quiet and spur of the moment decision by Nick Curran as a thanksgiving gift to those that have been supporting his music.  As the title suggests “Psych Pop” is collection of pop rock songs perfectly blended with psychedelic melodies with “Wedding Day” and ”Polaroid” as stand out tracks that have been well received by various international online radio stations and music bloggers.  

  STEREOMA is recorded their first full length album titled “Movement”.