December 22, 2015 · 8:00pm

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Ghost Light Radio Show is joining us to bring the rock ‘n’ roll fun just before Christmas!

Ghost Light Radio Show

Ghost Light Radio Show

Ghost Light Radio Show was forged in the flames of a love for music and a good time. Ghost Light Radio Show is based in Lancaster and consists of Andy Homsher on bass and vocals, Ben Pierson on guitar and lead vocals, Craig Hauser on guitar and mandolin, Don Homsher on percussion and vocals and Doug Kauffman on drums and vocals. The band plays music spanning a wide range of years and genres including blues, country, folk and pop, but the soul of Ghost Light Radio Show belongs to rock and roll. GLRS is currently striving to exceed the typical expectations of a local cover band by recording a six song EP of original material. The band is working on the songs at Triforce Studios in Lancaster. The release date for the EP is set for November 6th with a performance at Tellus360. So far, the band has played a number of shows across Central Pennsylvania, Northern Maryland and Delaware. GLRS has its sights set on more shows in more locations to reach more people in the coming year. Collectively, the band extends its sincerest thanks and deepest gratitude to the dedicated friends and family that consistently come out to shows, dance, play the tambourine, take pictures, carry gear, sing and spread the word. If it wasn’t for you, Ghost Light Radio Show would just be five guys playing songs in a basement.

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