September 16, 2017 · 8:00pm

Rocky Bottom – Amricana/Folkrock
Footwerk – Indie Pop? Don’t try to put us in a box



A Washington, D.C.-based 6-piece Pop outfit can only be described as a ‘blind date’ for first timers or a ‘booty call’ to an experienced audience member. Vocally led by a ‘friendzone’ power couple (Melisa & Kyle) on the frontline, the back line is an orgy musicians from diverse backgrounds named Teddi (keys) Eric (Percussion) Fern (Bass) Josh (Drums).
Crafting their sound by ‘Sleeping Around’ with Rock rhythms under soulful Rap and R&B vocals over dance beats with a splash of percussion. Footwerk’s unique style of ‘No Strings Attached’ fan interaction made their ‘One Night Stand’ live shows popular in their hometwon DMV music scene.
Unbelievably, A chance craigslist ad led to the formation of the independent group. Due to their immediate success they’ve decided to release their debut album this year, aptly titled ‘Casual Encounters’ and go out on a national tour of ‘One Night Stands’ in 2015. Here’s your chance to see for yourself, if there’s chemistry in person and have your own ‘Casual Encounter’with Footwerk. (No Strings Attached)


Rocky Bottom

Rocky Bottom is a harmonica blowing, foot stomping, moon howling, string breaking, story telling, one man show who needs nothing more than a suitcase and a stage.
With a stiff cocktail of folk, country and rocknroll, Rocky Bottom takes the roots of these elements and brews them together, reminding anyone who has forgotten, where it all came from. From the swamps of Jersey to The Big Apple to The Sunshine State to Music City it has been a long road with no end in sight.
It all started in a number of bands from 2005-2008 in the north New Jersey Punk Scene. In 07′ a band called Bad Town formed with a more roots approach, Incorporating a harmonica and adding acoustic guitars. They would go to play for the next four years including a relocation to NYC.
After Bad Town separated In 11′ Rocky Bottom hit the road and wound up in South Florida scrounging for gigs around the beach areas. Eventually residential gigs would come in to play and places such as the infamous Elbo Room would become home. Making enough to sustain but lacking a true music scene another move was in the near future. Nashville, TN was beginning to look like the next stop on the train. Now with a perfected sound and an arsenal of songs, Rocky Bottom is set to make a mark for all to see.