July 6, 2016 · 7:00pm

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Fig & XPN know how to pick them!

Fig “Voices” Concert f/ WXPN pick, “Tigers + Thieves”


2015 SAW Andrew Benner and Nate Longenecker enter Brent Ulrich’s Lancaster, PA recording studio. This was it, the time had come to put years of writing, collaborating, practicing, performing, and desire into what would become their debut release. Five original and uniquely beautiful songs make up the E.P. “You Can’t Have Everything” by Tigers + Thieves. Just over a month ago, on March 18, it became available and is ready for you to soak it all in!

Andrew (vocals, piano, and guitar) started writing songs in middle school, a good 10 years ago. Nate (synthesizer) went to the same school and over time they would continue to see each other at church. A serious interest in music became a solid bond. Straight out of high school they were playing in a band with former classmates. Although this didn’t pan out, their pilot light continued to burn.

The last few years have been all about fine tuning their skills and sound, so that they can deliver their goal of catchy, widely-acceptable and timeless music. Andrew began taking guitar lessons from Don Peris (The Innocence Mission) which led to Don mixing two of the songs on the E.P.. The band has grown to include Dwight (drums), Levi (guitar) + Bobby (bass). They meet three times a week but since Andrew is constantly coming up with new hooks and ideas, he collaborates with Nate on an almost daily basis through the convenience of modern technology.

Tigers + Thieves are in the midst of performing in their first series of live concerts. During our interview we asked them if they were willing to pack up and hit the road if their music took off. Andrew and Nate answered in a resounding “Yes!”.

It’s simple math really, positive music + honest lyrics will reach your heart + soul.

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