December 20, 2016 · 7:00pm

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Fig & XPN know how to pick them!

Fig Voices Concert feat. WXPN pick The Mellowells with Sleepy Limbs


“I know The Mellowells are proud of their live shows; add that to a good new album that showcases their musicianship, vocals, and cool harmonies. When I listen to this music I hear Dr. Dog, The Hollies, and My Morning Jacket. Check them out!”—Helen Leicht, WXPN

WITH ALBUM #2 hitting the market and a contagious positive attitude radiating from the band, this is the  perfect time to meet The Mellowells!

United by similar music classes and majors, The Mellowells were born out of camaraderie at Lebanon Valley College in the spring of 2013. Jesse (guitar and co-vocalist) needed a backing band for a scheduled on-campus performance. His friends John (guitarist and co-vocalist), Caden (bass), and Cory (drums) were happy to lend a hand. Everything gelled. Only four months later The Mellowells had recorded and released Author Of Modern Thought, an all-original five song EP.

With a full length album already in their pocket, late 2014’s Shindy, the guys are raring to get out there and play. Chatting over craft beer and pizza at The Fridge, we learned of their wide variety of indie rock and rock ‘n’ roll influences, and how all this, and ultimately their own ideas, add up to creating a wonderfully intricate Mellowells song. Their transparent ability to share and compromise not only lends itself to very content recording results but to the overall health of the band. An August 2016 ten day tour, all the way up the coast to Maine, seemed to only strengthen them. No two sets were the same as they experimented with obtaining a better flow in between songs and improving the connection with the audience. To that we say, well done!

The self-made new album is called Head Space. You may have already heard the second single Tiny Beds on WXPN. Try to catch them on tour soon enough because as Cory said, “We are very proud of the new album but we are even prouder of what we do live. Live is what we love to do and we want people to be there with us.”

Coming soon: Fig and WXPN present The Mellowells at Tellus360! Check the events calendar at for details.

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