December 28, 2017 · 7:00pm

7 PM, An Sibin


Featherburn plays accordion-powered romp-rock full of groove, grit and rhapsody.
Dynamic and theatrical, the band weaves folk, punk, eastern Europe and rock into
volcanic song forms with shouts of moxy, soaring vocals and stereophonic harmony. Its
message is one of cosmic reverence and fun – a deep, playful wake-up call to marvel and

Danny Elfman, Tori Amos and Andy Kaufman walk into a bar. “I can’t believe you
actually came,” says the bartender, “Meet Pink Floyd and Led Zeppelin, seems they’ve
been waiting for you.” Colin Meloy comes out of the bathroom, sees the performers all
taking off their coats and getting comfortable, calls the Decemberists over and chuckles
as he shakes hands with the bartender who immediately brings everyone a Yuengling
Lager and says, “I guess this round’s on me, folks. You win, Colin. I thought nobody
reads Craigslist ads.”

Milo/John Milosich (accordion/guitar/voice), Tim Jenkins (drums), Tom Doorly (bass)
and James Munster (guitar) connected online in October of 2015 to begin forming
Featherburn. The Pottsvillian rhythm section of Jenkins and Doorly play with brotherly
synchronization and two lifetimes worth of rock music in their blood and bones – the past
10 years spent playing side by side up and down the East Coast. Munster earned his BA
in music playing saxopohone at Kutztown University and his honorary MA in
progressive rock guitar by way of a 25-year career in Schuylkill area live acts.
Connecting with the band through mutual friend Mark Zuckerberg, Claudia Harrison
(violin) hasn’t put down her fiddle since she was four years old, not even to drink
whiskey or cuss like a pirate during the summertime at the MD Renaissance Festival.
Milo spent a decade creating interdisciplinary theater in Washington, DC, studied
contemporary performance at Naropa University in Colorado where Jack Kerouac’s
School of Disembodied Poetics converged with Chögyam, Trungpa Rinpoche’s
Shambala Buddhism. He learned to play accordion to perform on the national tour of the
play War Horse, and joined forces with the Lancaster, PA arts community in 2015.