Get a new perspective on the city at this month’s ArtWalk…

How? From our Green Roof, that’s how.

On Saturday and Sunday, you’re invited to check out a brand-new Sculpture Garden exhibit on our Green Roof!

Experience beautiful bronze sculpture art in the quaint setting of our 8,000-square-foot green rooftop garden! Featured artists: George Mummert, Dave Romanchock and Mike Tymon.

But before you get there, make sure you check out downtown Lancaster’s tiniest art gallery — our elevator! Enjoy photography by K. Scott Kreider as you ride the lift to the sculpture garden!

And feel free to take a moment to peruse a new showing of our Jackson Pollock Experience paintings on the second floor while you’re up there!


Head on over to the Lancaster ArtWalk website and see what else is on tap for the weekend!