July 15, 2017 · 11:00pm


Dr. Harmonica & Rocket 88

Mark Kenneally, “Dr Harmonica” Lead Vocals, Harmonica. Mark Kenneally began playing harmonica at age 13. At 16, he was taught how to turn his “Oh Susanna” into blues by high school classmate George Thorogood. “Dr Harmonica is a member of The International Blues Hall of Fame and has won Readers Polls in “Maryland Musician Magazine”, Delaware’s “Fine Times Magazine” and Philadelphia’s “City Paper”. Mark has been in Rockett 88 since the band’s humble beginning, playing 25 shows a month for over eight years and 8 to 10 shows monthly since. He has toured as a featured artist with Tommy Conwell and George Thorogood. He also toured Mexico with “Miguel Hernandez and Bad Bones”, a Spanish Only, George Thorogood tribute band. He has appeared as a featured artist with many Chicago greats including Koko Taylor’s Blues Machine, The Legendary Blues Band and many more. Opening shows include James Cotton, Muddy Waters, Willy Dixon, Jimmy Dawkins, the Clovers and a huge list of all time greats.

The good Doctor is a staff studio musician at Lanark Records where he has just finished recording tracks on the next Robert Gordon Album, “Walk On”. Kenneally is famous for his huge harmonica sound and his not- so- huge sense of humor.

Seth Ivins, MD. Guitar, vocals. While an undergraduate at Columbia University, Dr Ivins played guitar throughout most of the late 70’s New York blues scene. Steady gigs included Willy DeVille (Mink DeVille) and Paul Osher (Muddy Waters Band). Upon graduation, Seth moved to Italy to make his living playing in the studios of Europe. During these years, Dr Ivins discovered that Americans could attend Italian medical school free of charge. Dr Ivins worked his way through medical school playing in the recording studios of Europe. Upon Graduation, Seth Ivins returned to his home town of Philadelphia to complete his residency at Jefferson Medical School. Upon returning to Philly, The Doc reunited with his old friend Steve Guyger. Seth played as a member of Philadelphia’s top Roots and Blues Bands including The Excellos and Philly Gumbo. In 1984, Dr Ivins came on board as a full time member of Rockett 88. His medical career was put on hold while he toured full time with Rockett 88, logging over 200 shows a year for eight years. When Rockett 88 returned to Delaware to play the 8 show a month schedule, he beefed up his musical calendar by starting The Hypnotics, a backup band for soul singer Leroy Hawkes with Rockett 88 Ex-patriots, Jim Ficca and Joe Healy. Doctor Seth continues to play full time with Rockett 88, part time with Leroy Hawkes and runs a busy medical practice in Wilmington, Delaware. Dr. Ivins is known for his great shoes and matching guitars.

Alan Yandziak, tenor saxophone. Alan graduated from West Chester University Music School. Upon graduation, he moved to Atlantic City to take advantage of newly legalized gambling and the musical opportunities it offered. He became an Atlantic City pit musician for several years, playing in casino orchestras behind the heavy schedule of celebrities and shows that position entailed. When Al felt he had gone as far as the casino job could take him, he returned to Delaware to start a very successful club band, “The Numbers”, who played the larger rock clubs in Delaware, Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Maryland.With the eventual demise of the big rock club, “The Numbers” faded away. Yandziak happened to be on The Cape May – Lewis Ferry on the same day as his neighbor, Mark Kenneally whom he met for the first time since the school bus . He joined Rockett 88 in 1985. During Kenneally’s recent sabatical, Yandziak played for Lanark Recording Artists “Gas House Gorillas”Alan is known for his fat saxophone tone and semi-psychotic stage show.

Bennett Sykes, Bass, Vocals. Bennett Sykes, a multi instrumentalist is the son of a Delaware County, Pa guitar player. He began his career playing drums behind county singer Duke Snow as the youngest member of ” Duke Snow’s Driftwoods”. Throughout his formative years Bennett played bass for a long line of Delaware County and Chester County bands such as “Sky Palace” and “The Blue Yonder Band”who seemed to be heavily influenced by psychedelics. As Bennett’s musical life progressed, he replaced his friend Joe Healy as Bass Player in the legendary “Hurley’s Tavern House Band”. This was a much coveted, incredibly demanding gig, playing eight shows a week, often backing some of Nashville’s top touring acts. The Hurley’s band has been known to turn it’s members into monstrous players due to the demanding schedule and the musical versatility the show requires. Good examples are Healy, Sykes and local guitar legend Chip Roberts. After Hurleys, Bennett played many instruments in many Philadelphia area bands. “The John Cadillac Band” a Philadelphia based Punk Blues Band was probably the best known of these. Bennett Sykes joined Rockett 88 in 1980. He is best known for his extreme musicianship and his efforts to keep a psychedelic gleam in his eye at all times.

Tim Thorne, drums, vocals. Tim Thorne has played drums for years. He also has a great ear and a voice to go with it. Tim has been influenced greatly by country and rockabilly music. He spent several years as a full time member of “Budweiser Band of The Year”, “KID DAVIS AND THE BULLETS” Tim has drummed off and on with Rockett 88 and spent several years backing up Austin Tx guitar wizard, Harry Hess. He has spent the past three years drumming for Rockett 88 and is very much in demand as a drummer in Delaware’s blues scene by players such as Gary Cogdell and Delaware Destroyers Hank “Hurricane” Carter and Ron “Roadblock” Smith. Unfortunately, Thorne is known as the only Rockett 88 member with any common sense whatsoever.