February 19, 2014 · 8:00pm

no cover

This week’s Wirelessless Wednesday features Vincent Smaldone aka DJ Image!

What is Wirelessless Wednesday, you ask? Get ready for a carefree night featuring spinning old school reggae, motown and soul on vinyl and Joe “Master of Disaster” Devoy and “Cosmo” Kev behind the bar. Cell phone usage is strongly discouraged — why not strike up a conversation with the table next to you or the lad next to you at the bar?

DJ Image

14.02.19_DJ Image

VINCENT SMALDONE aka DJ IMAGE, based out of central PA, has been DJing for over 17 years, rocking parties in his hometown as well as New York, Baltimore, and Philly. He recently finished up a winter tour (The 3rd Rail Jam) across the U.S. with the legendary Slick Rick and has performed with the likes of P Funk, Bone Thugs, Method Man and Redman to name a few. Hip-Hop? DJ Image has it on l-o-c-k. But don’t think of the guy as a one-trick pony. Vincent can rock the party across any and all genres. DJ Image is officially sponsored and is the brand activator for Slacker Radio, check out his  station: slacker.com/3rdrailjams.

In addition he has spent the last seven years working with “Heads Up” in the Lancaster, PA school district teaching his students about Hip-hop history, poetry / rhyme writing and the art of DJing. Through years of studying the art of mixing, collecting music, and staying on the cutting edge, Vincent Smaldone aka DJ Image has become recognized as a top player in his field. His passion as a child has turned into his career as an adult. He is currently the DJ at Building 24 in Whyomissing, PA. Follow VincentSmaldone aka DJ Image on twitter @djimage.