March 17, 2017 · 4:00pm

4 pm – 7 pm
No Cover

DJ Edge on St. Paddy’s Day

 There are some people who are able to excel at what they do mainly because it just comes “natural.” DJ Edge is one of those people. As a DJ, he’s been a key player for many years in the central Pennsylvania area in both the club circuit as well as private events. His deep- rooted passion for music, which began at a very early age, has been the key to his success.

A native of Philadelphia, Edge was exposed to a wide range of music while growing up. He made himself right at home with his family’s record collection, which included everything from Folk and Blues to Jazz and Pop. Being an “80’s baby”, Edge was exposed to an era of music that either touched the soul or made people hit the dance floor. This combination molded a deep appreciation for music and it quickly became part of who he was. Years later, with the emergence of Hip Hop – the “DJ” became a forefront element of the culture, and it wasn’t long before he knew that DJing was something that he had to do.