January 28, 2017 · 8:00pm

8 pm
$5 Cover

Lancaster Ladies of Rock & Roll

Lancaster’s Ladies of Rock and Roll line up together to bring you a night of ovary-driven music. Every band on the lineup will feature at least two women. We have Dimestore Dolls, Inca Campers, Triple Diety, Laura Luce, and Violettes on the bill, featuring the following local gals: Loretta Bilieux, Kate Seifarth, Monica de Vitry, Liz Fulmer, Trixi Greiner, Kelly Buchanan, Laura Luce, Cary Miller, Donna Volles, and Nina de Vitry.

Dimestore Dolls


Hometown Riot-grrrl Pop/Rock!!!

If three women form a rock band, how many times must they practice before their cycles align? Lancaster’s Dimestore Dolls have nobly set out to answer this age old question…

At this point in their individual careers, music comes second nature to these ladies. Donna Volles has spent years laying the bass groove for Lavacave while drummer/singer Liz Fulmer has become a regular in the local music scene. Singer/guitarist Kelly Buchanan has toured nationally with her powerhouse vocals and critically acclaimed songs – songs that have been covered by the likes of Sara Bareilles, Fountains of Wayne, Nada Surf and others.

Yet all four Dolls find new horizons in this line-up! Old songs, penned by Buchanan and Fulmer, are being reinvented and new songs are being added to the group’s grit-pop arsenal as well.

As for that age old question? The gals are having so much fun on the quest that they’re not too fussed if they never discover the answer.

Kelly Buchanan-Vocals, Guitar
Liz Fulmer-Keyboard, Vocals
Donna Volles-Bass


Inca Campers

Inca Campers is from and has been performing in Lancaster for 20 years…at least.   They play a collection of their own originals and renditions of tunes by Bob Dylan and Tom Waits.  Inca Campers are Trixi Greiner and Loretta Bilieux at the front and Matt Underhill, Neal Kreider, and Tommy Leanza laying it down and making it funkay.  Rock it till you drop it!

Triple Deity

Triple Deity formed in December 2016 over a chance meeting at yoga when Cary Miller asked Monica de Vitry if she knew any cellists in town and she replied, “well, I play the cello!” – and a friendship was born. Nina de Vitry, Monica’s sister, also happened to be spending some time in Lancaster and the two sisters were already planning on booking some shows, so the three ladies decided to collaborate and see what would happen. Fusing Cary’s classical vocal background with the rootsy improvisation of the de Vitry sisters, Triple Diety is breathing life into new originals by all three women as well as an eclectic mix of covers.

Cary Miller – voice, guitar, keys, percussion; Monica de Vitry – voice, cello, bass, guitar; Nina de Vitry – voice, keys, guitar, violin

Laura Luce