April 4, 2015 · 8:00pm

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Dietrich Strause Trio


Boston-based touring songwriter and performer Dietrich Strause, is originally from Lancaster.

His latest album “Little Stones to Break the Giant’s Heart” stands tall, supported by a backbone of melodies and lyrics diligently crafted by Strause. The songs are a comfortable and careful mix of journeys, clever literary references, and striking imagery. Strause’s songs are versatile — personal, but universal enough to hook the masses. If the songs are the backbone, then the musicians Strause assembled are the blood that brings it to life. To record “Little Stones to Break the Giant’s Heart”, Dietrich teamed up with producer and guitarist Austin Nevins (Aoife O’Donovan, Josh Ritter) and a group of his longtime collaborators, an outfit of New England’s finest Americana and folk musicians.

The album features Nevins on guitars, Billy Beard on drums (Patty Griffin, Session Americana), Jim Larkin on electric bass (Jesse Dee), Laurence Scudder on viola, Laura Cortese on fiddle, Sam Kassirer on piano and organ (Josh Ritter), and Zachariah Hickman on upright bass, bass clarinet, horns, and pump organ (Josh Ritter, Ray LaMontagne). The backup singers include folk luminaries such as Rose Cousins, Amy Correia, and Anais Mitchell.

“Little Stones to Break the Giant’s Heart” was recorded by Matt Malikowski at Dimension Sound Studios in Jamaica Plain, MA and Great North Sound Society in Parsonfield, ME. Grammy nominated album-artist, and Austin’s brother, Peter Nevins contributed the artwork.

Since moving to Boston in 2008, Dietrich has been touring the East Coast, the West, and Ireland, honing his craft as a songwriter and performer. He has also been fortunate to share the stage and the road with Aoife O’Donovan, The David Wax Museum, and Ben Sollee, among many others. He moved to Boston after attending Oberlin College because there was extra room in the van when he was helping his friend move into law school. He’s worked as a dog-walker, a subject in medical research studies, a construction worker, and recorded music for Chinese textbooks. All of this comes out in his own music. Strause grew up in Lancaster, Pennsylvania in a family of Lutheran preachers, school teachers, and tree-enthusiasts.

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Second Hand Suits


Second Hand Suits are a jazz, folk, and blues-rock band based in Lancaster, PA. Whether they are crooning a jazz standard or pounding out an original rock tune, Second Hand Suits bring an energetic yet classic feel to their music. This is best summarized in their band motto: vintage sounds for modern times.

Lead guitarist Jordan Rast and upright bassist Peter Reist both grew up listening to bluegrass and old time music, while guitarist Tuck Ryan came up in jazz standards and the theater. Jordan and Peter have known each other since childhood and have played off and on together over the years. Jordan met Tuck in 2010 and the two bonded over their shared love of gypsy jazz and bluegrass music. After Jordan released his latest solo album “Fractured Love” in November of 2012 (which featured band member Evan Graver on drums), all four musicians teamed up to perform the album live. They quickly realized they wanted to pursue additional styles and genres, and as a result Second Hand Suits was born.

Second Hand Suits lists many influences including Fats Waller, Muddy Waters, Django Reinhardt, Rihanna, and Ryan Adams. In addition to a large amount of original work, Second Hand Suits love to perform standards from every decade, the 1920’s to the ‘70’s. They bring their youthful enthusiasm to reworking these familiar tunes in new and interesting ways. Second Hand Suits are very excited to continue playing and sharing their music. Catch them at a venue near you to hear a fresh take on a classic sound!

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