August 26, 2017 · 8:00pm

Justin Angelo – Singer-songwriter
Wicked Hollow – Indie Rock
Deaf Rhino – Rock and Roll

Deaf Rhino

Powerful Rock and Roll Music. National Support for Deftones, Refused, Mondo Generator, Night Riots, He Is Legend, No Devotion, Alvarez Kings and more

Wicked Hollow

Wicked Hollow is not your typical modern rock band.  To hear them is one thing, but to see them live on stage is a completely different experience.  Their youth and musical influences bring a unique sound to the group.  Their music stems from influences such as Kings of Leon, Cage the Elephant, Black Sabbath, Eric Clapton, The Who, Alabama Shakes and Arctic Monkeys.

Based out of South Jersey, the line-up includes front man Bryan Wood, intently delivering his message through the role of lead vocals and guitar.  Tyler Veit, backing up Bryan with his raspy, soulful vocal style while also tapping into your psyche with his lead guitar playing.  Anthony Marino, whose sleek bass lines make sure your seats rumble along to the stimulating tunes of Wicked Hollow.  And lastly Andrew Lawler, whose open-handed technique shapes the backbone and beat of the band that keeps it all together.

Bryan and Andrew have been playing together since they met in the 6th grade.  They have played with a variety of members under a few different band names throughout the years before finally linking up with Anthony and Tyler from Bryan’s vocational school.  There they studied audio engineering in the legendary Hindenburg Hangar One in Lakehurst NJ.  During these two years of schooling, the boys would find a common bond both in the studio and behind the console.

“Having Anthony and Tyler in the band feels like we’ve finally found those lost puzzle pieces that have been hiding under the couch” explains Bryan.

Wicked Hollow continues to write, record and play their versions of Rock n’ Roll all over the Tri-State and surrounding areas.  They hope to follow the path of their predecessors and continue to bring you great music.  As for now, they are eager to squeeze into a van and begin touring the country come summer 2017.

Wicked Hollow is confidently ready to take the stage in front of anyone searching for an authentic, genuine and modern Rock n’ Roll experience.

Justin Angelo

If you are familiar with the Lancaster, Pa. music scene, there’s a chance you may have heard of up-and-coming musician Justin Angelo. Angelo blends folk and blues guitar with brilliantly crafted lyrics that poetically illustrate his deep sense of passion, emotion and consciousness. Every performance is a unique occasion. Some nights, you may find him playing solo, with nothing but his ring-covered fingers intricately strumming away at his acoustic guitar as his soulful voice echoes through the room. Other nights, you may find him jamming alongside other musicians and exploring new opportunities at various open mics, If you ever get a chance to visit Marietta, Pa., you can find Angelo at Shanks Tavern the first Tuesday of each month, where he hosts an acoustic open mic in a warm and welcoming atmosphere. Catch Angelo alone with his guitar, and he may even serenade you with an alluring improvisation on the spot. You never know what to expect, but one thing is certain, Angelo never fails to put his heart and soul into every performance.