December 10, 2015 · 8:00pm

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Danielle Deckard

Danielle Deckard

American singer/songwriter Danielle Deckard bypassed the USA’s iconic music cities to make a home in Sydney, Australia.

Taking influence from pop heroines Ingrid Michaelson, Sara Bareilles and Taylor Swift, Danielle’s unreserved vocals breathe to the beat of her heart. Her lyrics are confessional, frank rather than gushing.

Danielle’s debut EP, ‘End Of The World’,  lives up to its apocalyptic undertones. It is an exploration of fear, uncertainty, and the passing of time.

Well-considered, straight to the point pop songs are brought to life with everything from grand piano, ukulele and banjo, to mariachi trumpets, drum machines and vintage synthesizers. Danielle’s hook-driven songwriting and intimate vocal performances unite these disparate textures into an eclectic musical smörgåsbord.

Throughout ‘End Of The World’, Danielle draws on her “what if” moments — everything that never happened. She mourns missed opportunities and chants self-assurance, willing the strength to pick up and start again.

“Everything that I write has a dose of personal experience. I think in order for something to be great it has to have that in there. The songs on this EP are sort of like alternate realities for me.”

‘End Of The World’ was recorded with session musicians from Australia, the USA, and the UK. The EP was produced by Danielle in collaboration with Sydney producer Paul Dougherty, and mixed by Stuart Stuart (ARIA-nominated producer of Sheppard’s breakthrough single ‘Geronimo’).

With a clear message, energetic instrumentation, and complex musical arrangements, the ‘End Of The World’ EP is Danielle’s bold introduction as a mature artist and songwriter.


Liz Fulmer

liz fulmer

Liz Fulmer is a primarily self-taught singer/songwriter based out of Lancaster, PA. She studied songwriting at Berklee College of Music and left Berklee in 2010 to pursue her own career in New York City, frequenting a variety of stages from the grungy National Underground in Soho to the renowned Metropolitan Room. Here, she transitioned from piano to guitar and began writing more lyrical, folk music. Craving experience and moved by the traveler’s itch, Liz spent the next few years traveling through New Zealand and the UK, spending the most time in Edinburgh, Scotland. Liz contemplated a career change in 2014 but was given a boost of confidence from Lady Gaga after the Grammy winner saw Liz perform an original song. Since the chance encounter, Liz has been in the studio working on her first EP, Tall Tales, due for a Spring release. Liz’s music is highly lyrical and springs from a hybrid of pop and folk influences.