July 18, 2015 · 8:00pm


Close to Consideration



Close To Consideration plays a fusion of reggae, rock, punk, jam, and funk brought together in time and space out of Harrisburg Pennsylvania in order to bring people together through music for a great time!

The Mellowells



A band rising out of the ground in Annville, PA that will really get your body thinking, The Mellowells, a band native to Lebanon Valley College, formed in the spring in 2013. Fun Fact: The Mellowells very first gig was opening up for Sammy Adams, the college rap icon, but got booed off the stage. The Mellowells consists of Jesse Barki (Vocals/Rhythm), John DiCocco (Lead Guitar), Caden Myers (Bass), and Cory Paternoster (Drums and Percussion), all hailing from different parts of PA and New York. The four played in various bands and solo projects before starting. The Mellowells all come from different musical backgrounds. John comes from more of a Blues/Jazz style, Caden comes from a Motown R&B style, Cory comes from an indie/alt rock and classic rock style, and Jesse comes from a New Wave Post Modern Rock style (whatever that means). However, all four members were able to use their drastically different backgrounds to create a cohesive sound. Shortly after joining forces, the band began working on their self produced “…Of Modern Thought” EP, which was recorded within 4 days. The band is currently working on a full length album, one where they are taking their time to produce the best possible result. The Mellowells do not do hair flips, posi kicks, crab walks, slam dancing, fist pumping, or twerking. But what do they do you ask? The Mellowells rock and/or roll like almost every day and try their hardest to create the best music they possibly can.