March 23, 2018 · 8:00pm


Chestnut Grove


Shake, Rattle, Rock’n’Roll
CG is:
Five Best friends. the Girl & her Mates touring the country in a Rock & Roll Band.
(Imagine the Cast of “Stranger Things” in there mid 20’s)

instead of a Bio Drummer/Singer James Daniels sums the band up pretty well in this Interview with Rock on Philly’s (music blog’s ) Brittany Salerno.

ROP: That sounds great! It’s always good to see artists collaborate with the mutual intention of bettering all the creatives involved. You just toured through West Virginia, right? What’s it like being in a van with everyone for such long trips?

JD: We are all best friends from High School. So basically it’s kind of like carpooling with your friends to school for the AM wake and bake. However, school is 7 hours away now.

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The Vivien Leigh Documentary

Lancaster Locals!

The Vivien Leigh Documentary (VLD) was born out of the pairing of a soulful singer, Hadassah Wilson with a free improv band, comprised of Scott Bookman and Ron Leik on guitars, Joe Spurlock on upright bass and Matt Blank on drums. Together, they explore the hallmark sounds of rock, jazz, soul and blues, creating original music that transcends the expectations of these genres, paired with heartfelt lyrics culled from life and love. The emotion may be raw, but their performances reveal the bandmates’ sense of humor and retain the infectious energy of their improve roots.

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