September 27, 2016 · 7:00pm

7 pm
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Homespun Presents Lancaster’s Capital Day Celebration

capital dayhot-cousin

For just one day 238 years ago our humble city was capital of this great nation. It is time to fully celebrate both our historical role and our current standing as a great American city!!   Food, fun and more Lancaster trivia than you can shake a stick at!

Let’s celebrate our beautiful city on the day it was capital of the nation with Lancaster History and LOOP. We’ll start out the day from 4-6 at the Visitor’s Center for a Capital Day Happy Hour replete with a Lancaster photo exhibit and light refreshment, including Wacker Brewing’s Capital Day Cream Ale. We will then proceed on our yearly processional to the Mayor’s place for the official proclamation of Capital Day. And then we shall retire to Tellus360 for an evening of fun and dancing with Tropical Science and Hot Cousin.

If you’re not sure what Capital Day is all about, we’ve got this little edumucational video for you with the real history, well..the DRUNK history of Capital Day. The video features our very own Joe Devoy along with Marshall Snively of the Lancaster City Alliance. We’re pretty sure they got fairly close to the truth. Kind of.