December 8, 2012 · 10:00am

Saturday December 8th we will be having a community event in the front room of our store! It is for families and kids to decorate candle holders! Candle holders with a small candle are $5 each and you will get yours when you pay at the counter. We will provide glitter, glue, markers, paper, and other fun stuff to create your masterpieces with! We will have an area to keep them for you until they dry and will arrange for you to pick them up at a later time. There will be someone at the station the whole time so parents, feel free to leave your kids with the arts and crafts while you shop around.

The money raised for this will go towards Laurel’s trip to Nepal in January to help with the non-profit organization Saprinu. “Saprinu” mean to flourish, thrive, and prosper in Nepali and this is what the hope is for the future of Nepal. The school in Archale helps kids finds their own unique talents and interests while giving them skills to create a long-lasting sustainable community. Learn more at and read the blog Laurel updates on our website at