April 29, 2017 · 8:00pm


Brian Fitzy is an incredibly talented multi-instrumentalist who blends an amalgam of genres that creates a wonderful soul-pop sound.

Brian Fitzy

Brian Fitzy


Blending elements from a variety of genres and decades, Brian Fitzy falls somewhere between Daryl Hall and Jamiroquai by way of A Tribe Called Quest. Vocalist, electric violinist, guitarist, beat-boxer. Bringing these elements together live with looping technology, the result is soul-pop with undertones from the golden age of hip hop.

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Josh Miller

Jacopo & The Late Saints

Led by vocalist, songwriter, guitarist and kazoo virtuoso Jacopo de Nicola, The Late Saints bring on stage an explosive exotic sonic cocktail.

Founded and led by Italian-born vocalist, guitarist and kazoo virtuoso Jacopo de Nicola in 2013, The Late Saints bring on stage their genre-bending Italian Gypsy Rock. Treading a path between the lyrical nuances of the Italian Cantautori and the frenetic rhythms a la Manu Chao and Gogol Bordello, this Philly-based collective journeys across balkan influenced two-steps, Tropicalia, poignant protest songs and re-appropriated “Italianized” pop covers. Often featuring guest musicians from the wider Philadelphia area, The Late Saints like to shuffle the cards during their contagious live performances while Jacopo’s inspired kazoo lines, a tribute to the one-man band tradition, define their unique sound.