October 8, 2014 · 6:00pm

6pm – Mixer
7-9pm – Conversation
All ages


Boomers & Millennials: A Conversation – Living in Lancaster

  • 6-7pm – mixer
  • 7-8pm – Conversation: Living in Lancaster
  • 8-9m – Millennial Think Tank live stream: The relationship between Boomers and Millennials

Join us for an evening that bridges the generational divide. Together, Lancaster Downtowners and Lancaster Transplant will welcome Boomers and Millennials to discuss living in Lancaster.

Start the evening mingling with new and exciting people, purchase a drink or some grub from Tellus360’s bar, and get the conversation started.

The Downtowners and Transplant will then lead a panel discussion about what the attraction is to living in our fair city. Boomers and Millennials from every corner of the county, country and world have begun to move into Lancaster City, and we want to know why.

For the final hour, from 8-9, we’ll be taking the conversation a bit broader and live streaming it as part of the Millennial Think Tank, a weekly live stream conversation hosted by the folks at ArCompany, an international social media and intelligence and marketing firm. The moderator for the event will be Amy McCloskey Tobin, ArCompany’s Vice President of Content and Strategy. This portion of the conversation will seek to gain a better understanding of Millennials. As Tobin says:

with all of the talk about Millennials being different, how much is simply due to a combination of their youth AND the economy they’ve had to deal with over the past sic years. I think that by exploring perceptions Boomers had in their youth would help answer some of that, and this will include reviewing some of the Millennial stereotypes and hearing from both generations on that.

The Millennial Think Tank was created because they were very suspicious of many of the gross generalizations being made about Millennials, and they wanted to go directly to the source.  What they’ve learned is that Millennials do face certain enormous challenges, but they are also optimistic and entrepreneurial,

Another thing they learned is that this generation that is 80 million strong has a lot in common with both Gen X, but also, Boomers. They both challenged the establishment, questioned everything, and decided to create a different reality for themselves. Both generations  spoke/speak of wanting more than material wealth.  There are so many commonalities that are being ignored by marketers in particular.

More information on the live stream of this event will be available shortly.


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