January 20, 2018 · 8:00pm

8 PM, The Temple



The Big Fat Meanies released a record. The Time Has Come… for you to get up, put on your dancing shoes, wetsuit, Mark VI Deep Sea diving helmet and come out to Tellus360 for their first concert of 2018! Happy New Year, Nerds.


The Big Fat Meanies


We play a lot of weird music so we can kill time until the next season of game of thrones.

Brenna Diehl: Vocals
Sam Kelly: Guitar
Zander Gawn: Rhythm Guitar / Background Vocals
Joe Migliore: Bass
Ian Cornele: Drums
Nicole Migliore: Trumpet
Rick Ferrarelli: Bass Clarinet
Jason Brennan: Trombone
Hayden Delia: Alto Saxophone

Check out their facebook page!


Music in Feathers

Founded when Aaron Frey and Joshua McNamee met in 2014 and began to make music. Jake Salinger joined the band this year to fill out the lineup.
Joshua and Jake also play in the local band the Stonewall Vessels.

Check out their facebook page!