April 25, 2014 · 11:00pm

$5 at the door


The party starts with WXPN’s David Dye spinning live on the air for Funky Friday dance party at 4pm. Then we kick it up a notch with some live music from Central PA freak funkers Dr. Slothclaw at 8pm in the front room. Rounding out the night is an after-after-party featuring experimental A/V duo Aortic Valve!

Aortic Valve


Aortic Valve is the collaborative effort of audio/visual artists Evolution and VJCA. Meeting through the budding arts community in Reading, Pennsylvania in 2001, their shared passion for exploring the connections between sight and sound has yielded countless experiments, dance parties & happenings across the north east.

Through the artistic union of sight and sound, Aortic Valve combines music and video to produce a simultaneous stream of stimulation. This dual sensory duo has entertained audiences of all walks in venues of all types. From dive bars, cathedrals, art galleries and night clubs to roller rinks, wedding receptions, hotel lobbies and the occasional after-party, Aortic Valve engages eyes and ears while encouraging everyone to get involved in the synaesthetic experience.

Aortic Valve – a small part of the heart.

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