November 11, 2017 · 8:00pm


It’s a night of music curated by our friends in Aortic Valve.

Aortic Valve is very excited to be sharing the stage w/ a pair of our favorite bands. They’re friends of ours & and they’ll be your friends too! Artist’s TBA

w/ a special thanks to the only place open-minded & weird enough for this to work, everyone’s creative safe haven, Tellus360.

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Mike and the Y-tones

Back in 2013 Mike Yesconis, long time Reading, PA area multi-instrumentalist, recording engineer and side-man for many bands including Tin Bird Choir, The Worms, The Cultivators and current La Overtoner bassist, started laying down tracks in his home studio for a batch of songs he had written, but these songs were different than anything else he had ever tried to write before. Mike was now writing out of emotional necessity, documenting the struggles of life and recognizing that our parents are ageing and that we are ageing and at some point there would be a massive shift in what he had always known as normal. Many of these songs became anthems to get him through the major changes and transitions in recent years, while many of them are also snapshots of memories that have been put into a song format (some times you need more than a picture).

Mike Yesconis (songs, guitar & vocals), Matt McCarty (drums) & Adam Coffinberger (bass) are Mike & the Y-Tones, an original indie rock band from Reading, PA drawing off a multitude of influences and experiences resulting in an honest and authentic band.

Visit their facebook and website for more info.

Uncle Jake and the 18 Wheel Gang

What began as a professional campfire jam experience between Lefty Wilson (Scruggs Banjo) and Brown Bird “Coontail” Gunther James (6-string Banjo), quickly recruited the expertise of Stove “The Iron Swan” Moose (Primal Banjo) and Zak Auchenbach (Mandolin Banjo) for acn ultimate open-mic and late-night festival jug-less Jug-Grass adventure. Blazing an unrivaled path through the local Pennsylvanian bar and festival scene, the Gang had soon snatched up the honorary services of Hamburg native Sir Brandon “Re-bar” The First (Washboard Percussion Banjo Extraordinaire) and those of Reading’s Kyle Madeya (Bass; variety: Upright Banjo) to complete their current, touring, name-droppin’, finger poppin’ line-up of Uncle Jake & the 18 Wheel Gang.

Visit their facebook and website for more info.



Aortic Valve is the collaborative effort of audio/visual artists, Evolution and VJCA. Meeting through the budding arts community in Reading, Pennsylvania in 2001, their shared passion for exploring the connection between audio and video has yielded countless experiments, dance parties, and happenings across the north east.

Through the artistic union of sight and sound, Aortic Valve combines an improvisational mix of music and video to produce a simultaneous stream of stimulation. This dual sensory duo has entertained audiences of all walks of life in venues of all types. From dive bars to cathedrals, art galleries to night clubs, roller rinks to wedding receptions, hotel lobbies to the occasional after­party, Aortic Valve engages eyes and ears, while encouraging everyone to get involved in the synesthetic experience.

Aortic Valve – a small part of the heart.

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