April 16, 2016 · 12:00pm

12pm – 1:30am

Record Store Day Celebration

A day long, building wide, celebration of vinyl culture…


The lads from Aortic Valve are helping us celebrate Record Store Day by curating a full day of entertainment for us.

It’s ‘a day long, building wide celebration of vinyl culture’ brought to you by Tröegs Independent Brewing.
3 Stages – All Vinyl – All Day
Stay tuned for the release of the ‘Super Secret DJ lineup (WOW)
…you’re not going to want to miss this!!!

12p to 2p – In the Pub: Bring Your Own Vinyl

2p to 8- In the Lounge: ALL VINYL hour long DJ sets.

  • 2-3: DJ Salinger
    3-4: Dumas
    4-5: Kani
    5-6:Dan Wallace
    6-7:Joe Martin
    7-8:DJ Thrwbck

8p to 1:30a – In the Pub: Aortic Valve, 3’sCo. & Friends- ANALOG Audio/Video Dance Party (Vinyl & VCRs)

11p  to 1:30a – In the Temple: DJ Salinger & Friends ALL VINYL  (post Duct Tape Band)

Contributing performers: Aortic Valve, 3’sCo., DJ Salinger, Evolution, Gregg Nyce, DJ Thrwbck, Joe Martin, Dumas, Kani, Dan Wallace, and MORE!


Plus! *giveaways all day long from Tellus360 & Troegs Brewing including coasters, glassware, posters, ***A Troegs VIP Brewery Tour*** & more along with special Troegs ‘Scratch’ Beers on tap throughout the building.

Aortic Valve


Aortic Valve is the collaborative effort of audio/visual artists, Evolution and VJCA. Meeting through the budding arts community in Reading, Pennsylvania in 2001, their shared passion for exploring the connection between audio and video has yielded countless experiments, dance parties, and happenings across the north east.

Through the artistic union of sight and sound, Aortic Valve combines an improvisational mix of music and video to produce a simultaneous stream of stimulation. This dual sensory duo has entertained audiences of all walks of life in venues of all types. From dive bars to cathedrals, art galleries to night clubs, roller rinks to wedding receptions, hotel lobbies to the occasional after­party, Aortic Valve engages eyes and ears, while encouraging everyone to get involved in the synesthetic experience.

Aortic Valve – a small part of the heart.

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