October 15, 2017 · 2:00pm

Join us at Tellus360 on October 15th from 2:00p – 5:00p as the Lancaster community comes together to raise awareness and funds to support our fellow Americans in Puerto Rico.


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Music by Sonora Los Fantasticos

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Out of the cluttered genre of today’s music scene there exist one group of musicians dedicated to preserving and promoting the essence of Latin Music; and the name of that group is Sonora Los Fantasticos.

With an expertise in the Latin rhythms like the Cha-Cha, Bolero, Son and the classic salsa, Los Fantasticos transcend cultures and generations with their ability to capture a musical moment in time and recreate it for the enjoyment of their audience.

The sound they project has been compared to Alquimia and la Sonora Matancera two legendary bands in the Latin Music genre.Directors Eli Velazquez and Adrian Garcia serve as the guardians of the musical style that has swept through the Mid-Atlantic Region since 2002. On October 21, 2006 this “Band of Brothers”, released their first CD entitled, CLASICO.

This musical production is a throw back with its Cuban-inspired cover tunes which bear modern day arrangements. Clasico has put Sonora Los Fantasticos on the musical map and has set the stage for greater things yet to come.

Today the dream continues to evolve and it shows. Sonora Los Fantasticos have encapsulated the best in Latin sounds and nurtured the evolution of this -there second production entitled “Pa’ Que Goces”, which loosely translated means “So you enjoy it”. This statement is a forgone conclusion if you are a tropical music fan. The musicians of Sonora Los Fantasticos have searched inside themselves to bring forth the truest form of son, cha-cha-cha, and bolero-son as if it were part of their DNA.