January 17, 2016 · 2:00pm

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Sunday Session w/ Matt Wenger

matt wenger

Every Sunday we host a Sunday Session led by area musicians, and you’re invited to come along and join them.

This week, we have Matt Wenger with an Americana Session, filling in for Andy Mowatt.

Hailing from Lancaster county’s rich pastures of plenty Matt Wenger, a young multi-instrumentalist, plays old-time traditional songs of our land as well as the songs of musical-revolutionaries such as Bob Dylan, Phil Ochs, Donovan, Johnny Cash, Woody Guthrie and Townes van Zandt. Songs are delivered honestly and acoustically. Balladeering the way into tomorrow .

Local musicians are invited to join in the jam. We’ll be going strong from 2-5pm, possibly later if the feeling’s right!

And for the music-lovers – enjoy this unique opportunity to see your favorite local artists, as well as the occasional special guest on tour, all on stage playing together!