June 22, 2018 · 7:00pm

7P, The Temple
Tickets: $10

American Wild

American Wild is an Alternative Rock band from York, PA, who formed in 2016, since spending most of their time writing and perfecting material. Beyond line up changes and experimenting with multiple genres, the band has dialed in their sound. With melodically appealing progressions driven by forceful guitar riffs and intricate drum patterns, the music is accompanied by emotional heartfelt lyrics with plenty of catchy hooks. The band plans to release their first album in 2018 and shows to follow and support.


The origin of the word “Minshara” comes from the Vulcan term for a classification of planet that is capable of sustaining human-life. Minshara is a high-energy, electronic pop rock band from Pennsylvania. Since 2011, Minshara has toured across the United States sharing the stage with a variety of acts including Hollywood Undead, Flyleaf, The Contortionist, Chon, He Is Legend, SayWeCanFly… just to name a few.

In June of 2014, Minshara self-released their first full-length album entitled “iO”, Produced by Taylor Larson (Asking Alexandria, Periphery, From First To Last). This record became the break-out album for the band’s career and a culmination of several years of writing music together.

After 3 years of countless shows, festivals, and a ton of support from what is now referred to as “Minshara Nation”, the band traveled to Marigolds & Monster Studios in Atlanta, Georgia to record their upcoming EP, “Overnights” with Producer, Matt Malpass (Train, Issues, Dance Gavin Dance) and Matt Holmes (Bobby Church, SayWeCanFly).

The “Overnights” EP is a step in a new direction for the bands’ unique and enigmatic sound. The first single, “Superstition” was released on March 27th 2018 on iTunes & Spotify. While staying true to their sound, “Superstition” taps into their radio-friendly ambitions with catchy melodies and universal lyrics of unrequited love. “Overnights” has nods to their past with songs like “The Escape” and “Gravity” that capture not just the familiar side of Minshara but also the new direction of funky pop-sensibility of where they are going. “We even dug deep into our old inspirations with the song, “Winter is Coming”. I always dreamed of writing some Brian Wilson-esque 3-part harmonies and we actually pulled it off on this record”.

“Overnights” will be released on Friday April 13th 2018 in stores everywhere on Polar Phat Records.


Marathon has morphed in its exterior details, but what sits at its core has remained constant: a sound that aligns with progressive indie rock containing tinges of dream pop. When Zach Wagner started the musical project with his brother Erich in 2013, he began creating songs that followed a pop format but with a very distinct dreamy textural sound. Their sophomore album, though ever evolving into higher levels of refinement of Marathon’s already established “sound”, pushes the envelope further while shedding off its original prog rock technicalities. Chrome Waves extends Marathon’s reach by simplifying song structures without being void of the clearly displayed musicianship and warm ambient textures for which the band had previously been known to create. The emphasis of what is important to the band has shifted as evidenced in Chrome Waves.

Chrome Waves dives further into personal matters of frontman/songwriter and further into the nostalgia aspect. Unlike the cliche of an artist finding inspiration from the dark periods of their life, a spike of mental stress left Zach in a state floating through time with paralyzed creativity and worst of all, little motivation to move forward with his music. “There was a point where I was having massive panic attacks on a daily basis where I couldn’t breathe and my heart would beat so intensely I’d be sure I was going to have a heart attack. I wasn’t musically inspired in the least and so I didn’t really have any way to cope without music. So I decided to abandon whatever ideas I had surrounding what I thought Marathon was supposed to sound like and took a different approach to the music I was making, both in writing and production.” Shifting away from his previously guitar-driven focus, Zach moved into wholly new methods of using sampling, synthesizers, and impulsively experimenting with various recording and mixing techniques with reckless abandon. This became the latest palette for Marathon’s crystallizing sound. Putting experimentation at the forefront, the band began recording in August of 2015. Pulling demos from cassette tapes into final recordings, recording digitally or through VCRs, putting vocals through guitar amps and projecting into an empty stairwell, and even sampling home videos from childhood were just some of the odd recording experiments utilized. “Doing whatever felt new and exciting to me was exactly what I needed to regain inspiration.”

Shortly after Marathon formed in early 2013, Zach wrote and mixed the band’s first and self- titled album, which was released in September of that year. Before its release, keyboardist (and cousin of Zach and Erich) Paul Winter joined the band. His logical and DIY mindset, in conjunction with Zach’s musical ingenuity and partiality for being a dreamer, helped cement the band into its official entity, which includes members Robert Battle and Andrew Alonso.

At that time, despite the excitement of putting together their first solid and full-length work, not having the means of production or location necessary for the band to continue forward had left the band with the nagging sensation of needing a place to call a home. It was certain that touring sections of the east coast had earned their music more positive attention and exposure than ever before. But it still felt occasionally as though they were taking bigger step back than the ones that had just been made in the right direction, between losing multiple rehearsal spaces and being stuck with the options of recording in walk-in closets or even in their own van. Zach, the most lofty and introverted of the band, longed for the possibility of creating a studio for Marathon, which Paul took on as challenge in early 2015 after the band had located a permanent space, which was much in need of renovation. As of the summer of 2015, the studio had reached a ‘finished’ point. By this time, recording for the band’s second album had already begun.

Marathon’s new album promises to be a more pop-driven, energetic work that still invokes an ambient, almost enveloping feeling to create an interesting listening space. The first single and title track of the record is an indicator of how the music has been delicately collaged and crafted by Zach since the beginning stages of recording. The new songs are holistic – bridging the disparate and atomic elements of synthesis and sampling with traditional recording to become something that feels like a mind filled with a chaotic flutter of ideas that is now settling into its own space and order. The songs are still in harmony with what Marathon has always been at its core, and are traceable to the sounds produced on the first album that are distinctly ‘Marathon’. Along that thread connecting the dots on the core timeline, their sophomoric work is highlighted by the maturing of the band, giving them and their music a new and entertaining complexity.


Founding members Padi & Jack started as Venture in 2014, with people coming and going until finding a world class drummer, Justin and two experienced guitarist Mike and Shea.

Since, we released our first single “Mr. Skyman” as well as our debut EP “Elements,” and changed our name to Venteur, helping us stand out while still keeping the name as close to the origin as possible.

Our EP “Elements” is streaming everywhere you listen to music. Find it on Spotify, iTunes, Reverbnation and many more. New releases are already planned for the upcoming months and 2018, so make sure you follow us @venteurband on all social media.