April 7, 2016 · 8:00pm

No cover





The AKT, is an example of how the dedication and passion of three friends cascades onto the music pages. This partnership is a symphony of punchy riffs, sharp yet warm and light hearted melodies, capped off with lyrics that are a blend of internal struggle, as well as catchy phrases that will keep you singing along. The AKT, however, was not always a band, but instead, transformed from two guys playing music in a few college basements’, into the association that it is today. This Alliance has found a way to give fans the feeling that we all desire when listening to music. That feeling Is memorialized when you close your eyes, drop your head, grin from ear to ear, and tap your toe instinctually along with the groove. These three men love to not only create great music that others enjoy but they also enjoy being apart of a local music movement. As many people know, music is like nothing else in the world when it comes to the idea that music has the power to change people. The knowledge that being apart of a local and worldwide movement to keep music alive in our society, is an eruption of inspiration, passion, joy and admiration that is the perfect fuel to keep this band furious in its efforts. The AKT looks forward to continually bringing music to all who wish to hear, feel and love right along with them.