November 29, 2013 · 8:00pm

no cover

Smooth and soulful singer-songwriter performs in the pub.

Adam Blessing


Adam Blessing was born and raised outside Lebanon, Pennsylvania behind a town called Cleona. Around the age of 7 he began playing guitar, and never stopped.
It was not until he turned 18 that began to play in live situations, as a backup musician and vocalist. He decided to go solo at 23 years old. What led to his decision? He says, “I was working at a restaurant that featured live jazz Thursdays. On those nights, a couple of jazz players from the college would come out and play. They would make in 3 hours what I would make in an entire evening of pushing tables. I thought I ought to look into pursuing music a little further; it just made more sense every way that I looked at it. ”

So for the last 5 years, Adam has particularly enjoyed writing and developing his own original material. He sums it up this way, “I’ve always enjoyed artists who could say exactly what they meant without being offensive or unnecessarily excluding a segment of audience, and I strive to do the same. The satisfaction that comes from finding the right words and music to spell out exactly what you mean is unforgettable.”

Adam has opened for Ed Kowalczuk, The Thriving Ivory, Jon Mclaughlin, George Stanford and Denison Witmer.